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Studiotelluride is a classical Pilates studio in Telluride CO. We are dedicated to the traditional system of body conditioning that, over the past 80 years, has helped millions of people improve their physical health, mental and emotional outlook, energy level and much more. Located in the beautiful, historic Silver Bell Building, we offer a variety of pilates-based services to a breadth of clientele.


Our private sessions have a personalized workout tailored just for you. We base your program on your age, goals and prior injuries. Our primary concern is always safety and we are well versed on how to modify and customize for different fitness levels, body types, and physical recoveries or hurdles. We recommend continuing private sessions until you are able to set up the equipment without assistance and are familiar with your workout. Advanced clients benefit from one-on-one instruction to improve precision, add new exercises to their workout program, work on a specific issue, or work on rehabilitation.


Once the workout is established, semi-private sessions are a great way to challenge your mind/body connection while moving faster. Two or three clients work with one instructor for 50-55 minutes. These sessions are lively and motivating and when done 2-3 times each week, really deliver visible and lasting results. Gather a couple friends for a fun semi-private experience.


Mat Classes are a great, economical way to supplement your workouts. Mat class demands more from your mind and body because you have to support your own body weight with your abdominal muscles, without relying on equipment. It’s also a great way to learn your routine and continue your practice in the comfort of your own home. Pilates is a way of life!


The Reformer/Equipment class is 55 minutes in length and is composed with of a combination of studio apparatus equipment. This is a class of three clients that work with an instructor. To participate in this class, the client(s) must be familiar with the names and order of the exercises and the knowledge to set-up equipment properly.


Studiotelluride owner/founder, Lynda Tueller, completed a fellowship with the Walter Reed Bethesda National Medical Military Center where she learned to empower wounded & injured veterans with the work and control of Pilates. Our Veterans Program is a new addition to our list of services and we are thrilled to be able to offer sessions to interested and qualified persons.


Studiotelluride has had the opportunity to work with local businesses to tailor a workout program to help promote health and better lifestyle for their business employees. Businesses include, the Town of Telluride, ASAP, and local banks. Studiotelluride has also been working with Pilates Method Alliance, state boards and local school districts to help promote health and wellness to students by designing Pilates within the school curriculum.


Our in-studio boutique features an array of high-end clothing lines, gear and equipment. Some of the designers we carry include, 51 Inc, K Deer, Karma and Koral. We also have studio logo bottles and mats, plus a variety of Pilates accessories and books. Studiotelluride is also proud to showcase the beautiful artwork of esteemed painter, Robert Weatherford. All display pieces are available for purchase.


For over 80 years, Joseph Pilates’ traditional system of body conditioning has helped millions of people improve their physical health, their mental and emotional outlook, and their energy level. Our classical Pilates instructors have completed comprehensive training with the most distinguished classical instructors in the world; instructors whose training lineage comes directly from Joseph & Clara Pilates.

Studio Telluride Pilates.

Lynda has been studying classical Pilates for many years and received her Pilates Teacher’s Certification in 2011 at the Metropolitan Pilates Studio and Training Center in Seattle WA. She completed an immersive training program under the guidance of Dorothee Vandewalle, one of the leading teacher trainers and Master Pilates practitioners in the world. Lynda has had the opportunity to work as a guest instructor in other studios, as well as in private studio homes across the country. She is also a member of the Pilates Method Alliance and is actively involved with the VA Walter Reed Military Medical Center, Wounded Warriors and newly formed Heroes in Motion.
Lynda loves teaching in the tradition of the original authentic Pilates method and opened Studiotelluride in beautiful Telluride, CO, where she has resided with her family for over 20 years.


Saturday: Mat Class at 10:00am


Space is limited. Sign up is required: 970.417.0442.


  • Private Sessions

  • $0/mo
    • Single Session: $90
    • 5 Sessions: $400
    • 10 Sessions: $740
    • 15 Sessions: $1050
    • 20 Sessions: $1300

  • Semi-Private Sessions

  • $0/mo
    • Single Session: $50
    • 5 Sessions: $220
    • 10 Sessions: $430
    • 20 Sessions: $800

  • Mat Classes

  • $0/mo
    • Single Class: $25
    • 5 Classes: $125
    • 10 Classes: $225
    • 20 Classes: $400
    • 40 Classes: $600

  • Equip/Reformer Classes

  • $0/mo
    • Single Class: $35
    • 5 Classes: $175
    • 10 Classes: $325
    • 20 Classes: $600
    • 40 Classes: $1000